Monday, May 24, 2010

I lost one of my closet friends...

whitney -

i havent been able to find the right words, they never seem to be enough. i have typed and back spaced a thousand times, but all i really want to tell you is that i love you and i miss you. knowing someone for 15 years seems like forever until you dont get a 16th. A small hole now resides in my heart where your smile once lived. 24 years was not enough time on this earth, but my brain is only so big and i cant begin to understand God's plan. Only He knows why it was your time to go. Give the Lord a warm embrace for me. i will see you at the end of the road. I love you.


(april 23, 1986 - may 23, 2010)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

catching up.

its been entirely too l ong since i have blogged. I have looked at some blogs today and it made me think of mine. i am too tired. too confused. too overworked. and way too aggrivated at everything and everyone. i need to graduate asap to keep my sanity. ahh.

Friday, March 5, 2010


ok, i have to rant. normally, i dont like to discuss things that are controversial but I need to today.
I take issue with these religious right wing nut cases that want to kill Tilikum for killing his trainer. I understand that it is a sad tragic story. i get that. and i also get that he has killed a trainer in the past and a homeless person (supposedly) but to those of you that think he should be "put down" or set free. I have issue with you.

A) you cant set the whale free, its been in a tank for 30 years, it wouldnt last two days in the wild. You cant feed it fish from a bucket for three decades and then expect him to know how to fend for himself.

B) put him down.. really? is that your answer to everything? oh its just an animal lets just shoot a tranquilizer at it and call it a day. Its a FREAKING WHALE. its mind cant understand what he did. its his nature, hince the nick name KILLER whale. Im sorry, because its a sad sad story but you cant take a freaking 50 foot, 12 thousand pound animal of the sea and put him in a swimming pool and expect him not to act out. i would be pissed off too. Sea World has made millions off of Tilikum so if they decide to put him down, i will be extremely dissapointed and saddened.

He is an animal, with animal tendencies, and animal behavior. So if killing him is your answer. Then we need to discuss people killing people. People have the mindset to know better than to kill other people, yet we dont put them down. we spend millions of dollar a year letting them sit in a box and trade cigarettes for razor blades. Because it would be 'wrong' to kill someone because they did the same. and yet, with animals .. we take no second thoughts about it.

its gross. and thats all im going to say.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

daily horoscope.

You probably aren’t feeling your best today, Leo. No doubt your illness is a result of recent overindulgence. You can't blame anyone but yourself for your crashing headache and queasy stomach. Try not to take your bad mood out on the family. Just ask them to close the curtains and shut the door. You will emerge in the early afternoon feeling a bit wobbly but definitely on the mend.