Monday, July 20, 2009 this will entertain you for hours.

us in 40 years!
so easy a cave(wo)man can do it.

monkey face!!

back to your roots.

im so sexy it hurts.


gettin hitched yall.

duhhhhhhhhhh. have you seen bubba?


is this the biggest one you have??

british idol.

got any ketchup for these fries???


the new face of waffle house.

god forbid we leave twilight out of ANYTHING. the world may end. so, here it is.

one more. just in case. i dont want the twilight police to arrest me for not being obsessed enough.

my room mate really does look just like spencer. the king of douche baggery.

get away from my chiccckeeeeeennnnn... wheres my biscuit? wtff.

dont feed the models.

this one was for me, just because.

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