Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the letter...

Dear Prince Charming,
Im sorry in advance,
for my inability to trust you.
for the walls i have built, that
you now have to climb to have me.
you see,
there was this frog that came along before you,
and he called himself a prince.
he played an unfair game with unreasonable rules.
he has stolen a piece of me,
and has poisened the remains he left behind.
I am so very sorry.
Please don't give up on me.
Know that I am so greatful to you and your white horse.
I know you are coming soon,
until then..
I love you,
My heart

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Rukshan Wijeratne said...

Dear princess in waiting,
I know some people, that know some people, that live next to where price charming grew up. Price charming and I used to play cops and robbers waaaay back when. He probably doesn't remember be now - but anyway, knowing him from waaaay back when, I would say, don't give up hope. Better safe that sorry. Besides, those walls are nothing but a test to see if the real prince can climb up and get through. Anyone having that ability is at least worth spending some time over :)

Don't feel sad or regret it - just consider it a test.

- The next door neighbor :)

P.S : I'll pass on the message to the people I know who know the people they know, who used to live in the same vicinity as Prince charming :)