Monday, May 11, 2009

how much is accurate?

LEO - The Boss (July 23 - Aug 22)Very organized. Need order in their lives - like being in control. Like boundaries. Tend to take over everything. Bossy. Like to help Others. Social and outgoing. Extroverted. Generous, warm-hearted. Sensitive. Creative energy. Full of themselves. Loving. Doing the right thing is important to Leos. Attractive.

hmmm... organized.. not very true. im usually a mess.

needs order in my life? not accurate at all. I love going with the flow and being completely random. I love not knowing where the day is going to take me.

likes being in control. that is true on some things. i like to be in control in my work area. i think 'liking' to be in control but never actually being in control is more accurate for my life.

like boundaries. that is true with my love life. but that is the only area. I spent a great deal in a grey area with my first love and i didnt like it. i like to know where i stand in a relationship.

tend to take over everything. haahah. that is true in my social life. i have this involuntary ability to be the center of attention. i love eyes on me. because i love to tell stories and laugh and i love for ppl to laugh at what i am saying/doing.

bossy. yes. true. but oddly, i dont think in a bad way. i mean im sure sometimes, it probably is..but all my friends know they can just say shut the hell up and i get the point. lol.. but i am a bit of a boss. =)

likes to help others. very true. i think its true for most leo's. i dont know what it is about us. there is something about that feeling of walking away knowing you spent your day revolved around someone else's life instead of your own. its rewarding.. there is nothing better. 70% of why i have chosen nursing as a profession.

social and outgoing/extroverted. omg. SO true. i get it from my mom and grandma.. we are the kind of people that never meet a stranger. i can talk to anyone/anywhere. and i never forget a face, if i meet you once, the next time i see you.. youll get a hug and im your best friend. lol.. some people have given me the crazy girl stare before because i have met them once, or maybe talked to them at the hair salon or a bar or something random. and if i see them again.. im like heyyyyy how are ya.. and there have been a few like 'who the hell are you' stares. lol..

generous/warm-hearted. haha, uhmmmm.. i like to think so.. i can be selfish at times. i admit.. but i think im generous.. ha, i think everyone thiks they are.. im sure if the grinch was asked the same, he was claim to be generous. haha. but seriously.. i try.. if i can give it, i will. and warm hearted. very.

sensitive. hmmm.. if you were to ask me this about three or four years ago, i would not have been able to deny it. when i was younger, i took everything so personally. i was a sensitive person. but i have been through a lot since then and i think getting older requires a certain amount of thick skin. and i have needed my share. that is for sure, i havent exactly been the best as choosing my friends wisely. other than my best friends obviously. they are still my heart. but i think now, i am actually very unsensitive (is that a word?) .. in that sense anyways.. if you venture into my romantic life, i havent had all that much experience in that area, so i would assume myself to be a little more sensitive. yes.

creative energy. yes. i can agree with this. but in a non traditional way. im not creative in a way that i can paint or sing or play instruments. i am a writer. i dont do it that often.. but when i do. i find it to be very creative. and my all around ora.. very creatively random is how i would describe myself.

full of myself? HA. i think this should be in the February birthdays area more than Leo. I can be i guess. its rare. ive tried to be but i always feel stupid and embarrassed. im not very good at it. i am more likely to be full of myself in an acomplishment i have done or something of that nature rather than superficial means.

loving. yes. i love everyone. i love to make fun of everyone, anyone who knows me knows that.. but that is not the same as judgement. i make no judgement as to how others live their lives, mainly becuase i was in a place at one time in my life where i didnt always make the best choices, and i was judged. it was overwhelming. and no one understand because they werent in my shoes. so.. i have learned that everyone is different, they make their mistakes based on things i cant understand sometimes. but they are still people and i do love everyone. whats not to love?

doing the right thing. HA. im working on it. im sort of a rebel in this area of my life. again, if i were asked this even just two years ago, i wouldnt have honestly been able to answer yes. i was at a place where i didnt care about anything or anyone, especially myself. call it my low. and i did what i wanted, what made me happy at the moment. there are things we wish we could take back, but we cant. but ive grown up and i can honestly say, that i do try to do the right thing.. in my mind.. what i think is right might not be what others think.. but i do try.

attractive. hahah. well thank you horoscope. do i think im attractive? yes, i do..i think my personality off sets that though. when you look at me.. i have had many girls not like me at first glance, because i am blonde and skinny and 'pretty' (i feel so lame saying that) but.. my personality is very goofy, very light hearted all the time. i dont take much too seriously. life is too short for that.. so i will say, that i dont think im ugly by no means.. but i dont look at myself in that way, no one percieves themselves the same way that someone else would.

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