Thursday, April 30, 2009

total nerd.

i never realized how afraid of the dark i was until last night. I always always go to bed with the tv on. I have done that since i was a little kid.. i thought that it was just an old habbit. and i thought that my daily exhaustion may be cause by the television playing in the background while i was trying to sleep. so to test this theory.. i went to bed and set the tv sleep timer to 20 minutes. and as soon as the tv went off, i woke up and looked around me. and i completely freaked out.. my mind.. goes to the most bizzare places when the lights are off. so i immediately turned the tv back on and went back to sleep. i tried to invest in a night light, but that doesn work either. along with the light of the tv, there is sound. apparently i am not a fan of silence either.

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