Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my favorite thing in the world. procrastination.

i am just now starting on a 12 page research report and case study on metastatic melanoma skin cancer. it is due on the 8th.

i think my mind thinks its a game to stress me out like this. not cool.

what else?

im leaving in a minute to go take my 3rd exam of the semester. targeting the joints. (im not a fan, it just doesnt interest me) .. well the action potential section is pretty awesome. but thats about the only part i like .. im ready to move on...

... lynsey is coming in town this weekend. so stoked.

.. talked to my dad last night... gotta love awkward conversations with people you dont have anything in common with. but.. he is my dad. or whatever.. im thinking of going out there to visit this summer. i havent been out there since new years of 08' and god forbid he come to atlanta to see my life. but, im not going unless someone comes with me. becuase boredom will kill me. (literally).. and so im going to make lynsey go with me for our bday or something and then rent a car and drive into the city (LA) and go out. and stay with local friends. lynsey doesnt know this yet, so when you do your daily reading lyns.. this is a p.s. lol...

getting excited about my first cruise.. they never appealed to me before.. but for whatever reason, this is a vaca. we decided on and to be honest im pretty excited.

.. my mom had to take my grandma to the ER last night, (coughing up blood) eek.. they think she might have lung cancer. which... i dont really have any words to accurately describe the sadness im building up, if it is in fact the case. i will die (physically) die. i cant deal with that.

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