Thursday, April 30, 2009

what happened to april showers???????


waarrrr eaggleee!

living is easy with eyes closed.

having a beatles day! they will always be my number one.

total nerd.

i never realized how afraid of the dark i was until last night. I always always go to bed with the tv on. I have done that since i was a little kid.. i thought that it was just an old habbit. and i thought that my daily exhaustion may be cause by the television playing in the background while i was trying to sleep. so to test this theory.. i went to bed and set the tv sleep timer to 20 minutes. and as soon as the tv went off, i woke up and looked around me. and i completely freaked out.. my mind.. goes to the most bizzare places when the lights are off. so i immediately turned the tv back on and went back to sleep. i tried to invest in a night light, but that doesn work either. along with the light of the tv, there is sound. apparently i am not a fan of silence either.

Friday, April 17, 2009

is there a term for fear of suprises?

i have such a fear of suprises that i dont even like to be suprised when im reading a book. Before i read a book i look online and read the cliff notes, that way i know exactly what im going to expect..

i mean dont get me wrong.. everyone loves a 'good' suprise.. suprise birthday parties.. proposals.. someone showing up to suprised you with their presence.

but those.. the 'good' suprises are so far and few between in my life, and the surpises that you dont want.. the ones that leave you empty handed and confused. those are the kind of suprises that im used to.. so i have become afraid of it all together.

im such a weirdo!

Monday, April 13, 2009

ive fallen in love with the rain. it is its own form of therapy.

next please.

i feel like there are parts of my life that keep getting skipped in line. Like I have been waiting and waiting in this long line for it to be my turn, but my name never gets called. As if people are breaking in line in front of me, and I can see it happen but can do absolutely nothing about it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

i need a change. asap.

Monday, April 6, 2009


i really dislike the word 'egg'
i have a love/hate relationship with words.
its really weird (yes, i do realize that) .. they are just words

but there are just some words that i want to throw up when i hear.

'egg' is one of them. I like them, i just hate the word. Someone is talking about them in the cube next to me, and its killing my ears.

Friday, April 3, 2009

word of the day.


something else about me..

ive never had a cavity.
i just had my semi annual cleaning and im still cavity free!
i have def. been blessed! thanks mom!

no more!

im officially boycotting frozen dinners! they are so easy and quick. most of them taste like ass. but.. they are convenient.

i have realized im the ONLY girl in my family that cant cook. even my little cousins ( BOYS) can cook better than me. i mean come one. im from the south, isnt it supposed to be planted in my DNA?

so starting monday, im going to attempt to be a cooker (is that even a word??)

ill let you know how it turns out...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

5 interesting or not so interesting facts about me.

1. i have never broken a bone (which is kind of a miracle considering all the sports i played growing up)

2. ive never been stung by a bee (knock on wood/or whatever is closest).

3. i dont have a birth mark. (which is alien like. haha. jk)

4. i dont buy girlie magazines. (us weekly, people, etc). i could care less about celeb. gossip. 97% of it is bullshit. and the other 3% is pictures, and thats what google is for. (lol)

5. i am dedicated to grey's anatomy. its the only show i watch religiously. and i think the writing is great!

favorite quote.

"we are fun girls"

self titled.

april 3rd. lynsey in town.

april 17th. trip to birmingham.

may 28th. cruise. (carnival). deport from port canaveral.

sept. 2nd. head to Los Angeles. trip with lynsey. see fatherbear. visit old friends. spend labor day weekend doing (hopefully) something rando and fun in LA. any ideas?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my favorite thing in the world. procrastination.

i am just now starting on a 12 page research report and case study on metastatic melanoma skin cancer. it is due on the 8th.

i think my mind thinks its a game to stress me out like this. not cool.

what else?

im leaving in a minute to go take my 3rd exam of the semester. targeting the joints. (im not a fan, it just doesnt interest me) .. well the action potential section is pretty awesome. but thats about the only part i like .. im ready to move on...

... lynsey is coming in town this weekend. so stoked.

.. talked to my dad last night... gotta love awkward conversations with people you dont have anything in common with. but.. he is my dad. or whatever.. im thinking of going out there to visit this summer. i havent been out there since new years of 08' and god forbid he come to atlanta to see my life. but, im not going unless someone comes with me. becuase boredom will kill me. (literally).. and so im going to make lynsey go with me for our bday or something and then rent a car and drive into the city (LA) and go out. and stay with local friends. lynsey doesnt know this yet, so when you do your daily reading lyns.. this is a p.s. lol...

getting excited about my first cruise.. they never appealed to me before.. but for whatever reason, this is a vaca. we decided on and to be honest im pretty excited.

.. my mom had to take my grandma to the ER last night, (coughing up blood) eek.. they think she might have lung cancer. which... i dont really have any words to accurately describe the sadness im building up, if it is in fact the case. i will die (physically) die. i cant deal with that.