Monday, March 30, 2009

where i am. where i want to be.

i am one year and 8 months away from being at the beginning of where i want to be.

i want to move out of this town. i have been in atlanta for two years now, and im ready. im ready to move on and im ready to get out. atlanta is the biggest small town ive ever been in. its large (compared to columbus, definitely) but, still.. i went to church this past sunday and my friend carly (i grew up with) and her newly (one year) husband came to the service with me, and as i went to introduce she/him to my friends .. tyler (husband) already knew everyone. they went to high school together. it was at that moment i realized.. its still such 'a small world' ..

i think i want to go back to the west coast for a while. the last time i moved there, i was brought back to the dreaded south because of a (poisenous) relationship that i thought i needed at the time. but that is far behind me now, and i need to relive that part of my life i think. i need to be completely away from people i know. i want to be completely on my own, if only for a while. to meet the people i wanna meet. to do the things i wanna do. selfish, i know. but i think i need some ME in my life.

i am a thousand miles from where i am and where i wanna be..

im packed and ready to get to where i want to go.

there are two parts of me ..where i am. where i want to be.

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