Thursday, March 26, 2009

too many points to count. self control- there is none.

Last night.

Last night my roomie Hollan and I went to dinner and then went to blockbuster and rented 'Twilight' and some other blockbuster flick with mandy moore in it, i dont remember the name.

we watched Twilight. I read the book, and i always like to see how close in accuracy the book is to the movie. It was a cute movie. The characters are very beautiful, which always makes a movie better =) It had its pros and cons (as all movies do) .. but overall it was entertaining.

There is one scene in the film where the character 'Edward' shows what he looks like in the sun, and he is all sparkly and diamond crested. And being that i live in atlanta, our minds go straight to luda. haha. well rappers in general. and i was like omg how funny would it be with that became the new trend for rappers.. haahh i can sooo see it. Jay-Z will come out of retirement (again) and have diamonds all over and he'll call it "twanklin'" ahahhah... my imagination, it just goes there.

hmmm, what else so i have?

uhmmm, I am in the middle of doing my research for my report on metastatic melanoma skin cancer. apparently, we cant use the internet as a resource. grrrr.. i believe my professor forgot it was 2009. so ill be hitting Emorys library this weekend, so that is where you can find me!

tonight, greys anatomy, DUh. if anyone reads my blog you know my weird obsession i have with this show, its absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! but .. its there... der proposes tonight! so excited. hahah. i think it is pretty obvious i have like NO love life, i so live through theirs. which is fine with me, i dont do well with picking out men, they are always bad for me. always jerks. ok well, i am 22 and have only dated 4 guys in my life. and only 1 serious one. but still.. that one sucked enough to last a lifetime.

so im waiting for God to bring me someone. someone good. and until then, i have my show!
im also going to watch 'in the motherhood' with megan mullally (spell?) she was hysterical on will & grace.. loved her .. so im hoping this show is good! and after that and greys, im going to Beluga martini bar (is that right??) with my chica friends. so should be fun. but then i have to wake up to responsiblility on friday morning, ugh.. respobility.. its the worst hang over in the world, and it will be there everytime.

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