Thursday, March 12, 2009

TB test. A+

I had my second and final TB screening today. Thank God, what a pain the ass that was. I guess i should explain why I had to be tested incase a random reads this is like wtf. lol. I am a volunteer at Emory University Hospital. I volunteer in the ER. And to be on their staff, you have to have a TB test every 12 months. But i passed. yay. haha.

what else happened to me today? anything? uhmmmm.. I saw a real life Dr. McDreamy at the hospital. he was fun to pass in the hall way. I hate leaving there and coming back to my crummy job (hahaha i never say crummy wtf, i like it). I love being at the hospital, which sounds weird to some people. I wish I could hurry up and graduate.. i think school is going to last forever. 4 semesters AND counting.

Oh, I was heading back to work from the hospital and there was a tractor that was turned over which caused a huge traffic jam, which closed down ALL five lanes on 285.. hahah.. i was pissed at the time.. but now that i think about it.. how funny is that?? only in the south!!

And now im sitting here, studying. Im doing my report on Lupus this semester. So im gathering info on it. Before I got into school, I never realized how intricate and elaborate our body is. its insane how many peopple turn out healthy. I mean everything has to go perfectly. its nuts.. anyways...

Im going to home in about an hour and a half, going for a run, cooking, and then getting ready for Grey's. Supposedly Derek quits, but i will beat him if he does.. which we all no he wont really.. but.. omg.. im nervous

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