Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i want you. i want you so bad.

ok, so i have been wanting a new puppy for a while now, ever since my evil ex boyfriend stole custody of aubey. (yorkie, she was precious) .. i have recently found myself in love with pomeranians.. i love furry puppies. and they are jsut sooo adorable..

i am figuring out longs speeches and may some tears involved in my hopes to get one for my birthday.. I know it isnt until august. but i figure i should start asking now. that way when august comes.. my mother might say yes.

i am coming into my final years of school, and so most nights i am home studying.. so i do have the time to be there with her.. and its lonely in my abnormally large bedroom..plus all my room mates will love her and play with her too.. i already have a named picked out for her. "Eleanor" ...i have a thing for old timey names. =)

i want her to have the coat of the puppy in this picture. she is too precious.

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