Friday, March 13, 2009


Last nights episode of Grey's Anatomy was sooo good. Gah, it stressed me out though. (keep in mind, i have watched this show since day one, i have not missed one episode, and i own all the dvd's and soundtracks.. yea, i know, a little obsessive, but am an addict)

Ok so first of all, lets start with Derek. WTF man. What a jerk. I did not like him last night. But i guess it is about time for him to be crazy, all the rest of them have had their shot. But I cannot believe he played freaking baseball with Mer's engagement ring. ahhh.. and more than that, it was his mothers. what a re re. I mean obvi. he is not quitting SGH, so my guess is that for a couple episodes he is going to mope and be a dick and im praying meredith sticks by him.. and doesnt leave him because then that would mean breakup, again.. and honestly.. im so over them breaking up and getting back together.. so fyi, to the writers, we dont want to see that.. we want to see them actually work thru something together. If they break up again then im not rooting for them to be together anymore, ill be over it. So my hope is, that she will stay with him even tho he is mean to her right now, and then he finds out about izzy, and comes back and does a fabulous cutting edge brain proceedure on her and she is cured. It would be even cooler if she ended up having the tumor that merediths clinical trial was based on, that would be an awesome plot, and then it saved izzy's life..

i also think it would be cool if ( this isnt part of the prediction, because its not going to happen) but i think it would be cool if meredith took those files that derek had of all the patients he saved, and called them up and had them come to his land so he could see them and their families and how grateful they are, esp. the chick that survived the clinical trial. that would be so sweet. but.. thats just a thought.

anyways.. about izzy OMG.. i honestly dont believe the rumors that she is leaving.. I think she is going to stay and finish out her contract.. or she better at least.. so, thinking in the mindset that she is staying, I think she will choose to be treated, and i think derek will perform surgery on her. I think that next episode yang is going to tell someone, probably meredith.. because from the looks of it, she is not the robot that she once was. (p.s. i do not like her and hunt.. i think im just not crazy about him, he has too many issues, and he is weird) ...Izzy is going to tell everyone soon about her diagnosis. I think this is when George is going to gracefully leave the show. I think it will happen at the end of this episode and I think he just wont be able to handle izz being sick or something along those lines.. supposedly the cast keeps saying that his leaving is just rumors, but ... i think he is leaving.. im sad.. i love o'malley.. but he just isnt in the show anymore.. you rarely see him.. and i think the writers and he both know its time..

Im over the lesbian thing.. i think callie needs to go back to men.. i mean NO one liked her with hon (haun? not sure).. and so they 86'd her. And now this new teenie bopper.. she is cute.. and i dont mind her character.. but... come on... she just doesnt have chemistry with these girls..

i suprisingly LOVE McSteamy and little grey together. i think they are too cute.. and even though in real life, men like that dont just magically change..i think its cute that he is...

I also love how grown up and mature meredith's character has become. I absolutely love love love her character, and a lot of people dont, they say she is/was too whiney and needy and has too many issues. But i loved her, and i felt for her and felt like her in some sense, but i have really enjoyed watching her character grow and become better and stronger over the last 5 seasons...

anyways.. my nerd dar just went off from talking this much about the show.. but anyone who knows me.. knows my passion of this damn show.. so.. whatev.

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