Monday, March 16, 2009

draining the poisen.

There are times in our lives when we can see the bigger picture, the whole picture. These times are far and few between, but they do come to us. Sometimes after a breakup, sometimes after the loss of someone we love. Sometimes losing a friend. (or were they ever really a friend at all?)

I have seen the bigger picture in my life, and more than that.. I have seen the hateful and deceiving characteristics of someone. The signs have all been there, i should have seen them. I should have known, and on some level, I knew. But the initial shock was still there.

Life is more than just the minute you are living in. Sometimes you have to look further into the future and see what you need in your life and what is bad for you. I have successfully discovered this for myself. I have looked past the right now. And I realized that some people are just not worth having in your life. They are venomous. Friendship shouldn't bring you down, it shouldn't make you feel hurt or betrayed, and when it does. Let it go. It's time. And once its done, its liberating.. the only question is..

How do you maturely and efficiently cut someone out of your life?

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