Monday, March 23, 2009

66 days left.

countown until cruise time. im in desperate need to get out of this town.

im over playing catch and release with the people in my life right now. i just want some tranquility.

new greys thursday, i am excited about that. obviously. its the only thing that has held faithful to me over the last 5 years. derek better propose this week. im ready for it. i think we are all more than ready to see it. its about time.

other than that, i have nothing to report as new in my life.

as my calader precedes this coming week:

tonight: read chapter 8 and read cat disection.

tuesday: read chapter 9 and review the muscles of the body.

wednesday: review muscles of the body and start reviewing for NET exam.

thursday: review muscles of the body and review NET. Greys anatomy

friday: review get paid, pay for the rest of my cruise. review muscles of the body and read chapter 10. go out for a drink or seven

saturday: breakfast, review muscles of the body and review NET, and review notes on 8-10

sunday: same shit as the rest of the week.

monday: exam!! 8-10

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