Tuesday, February 3, 2009


dentist appointment.

directed by verizon gps.

i am being told to get off on exit 28 and i start to notice there is a mile long traffic back up of cars trying to get off on this same exit, so i put on my blinker and start trying to get over. Seeing as everyone turns into complete assholes while driving, no one would let me over. So, finally, I catch a break towards the beginning of the line, a woman in a beat up mini van (with curtains to give an image) was on her cell phone and wasnt paying attention and she left a large gap between herself and the car in front of her (about two cars length) so naturally, I squeezed in.
So, im sitting there waiting for traffic to move, and all of the sudden i hear a loud knock at my passenger side window in the back seat. so i turned around and the woman is at my door (haha) so im like what the hell. And she just starts yelling at me. Telling me that i need to learn how to drive, and that i need to get in the back of the line to exit because im a dumb white bitch. (why do i have to be white, why cant she just say bitch.. everything in the fuckin south comes back around to racism, no matter what it is. is so GD stupid and 98% of the time does not apply to the situation. But that is the south for you, that is one of the reasons im ready to get out of it) anyways.. i was like omg psycho killer... so the traffic started to move, so i just took off (hahaah) and i looked in the rear view mirror and she was just standing there on the side of the exit (almost in the road) and i watched her walk back to her car (holding up traffic) and get in and then she followed me all the way to my dentist appt. and the when i parked she did a u turn and left .. it was absolutely ridiculous.

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