Monday, February 16, 2009

she just cares about you.

ok, all you author's out there, listen up. One of you needs to write a book to help men out. There is an entire section of books dedicated to helping women not be so clueless. There is why men love bitches, skinny bitch, hes just not that into you, its called a break up because its broken, etc. All these books are basically telling women to be thin, know when its over, and know when i guy just doesnt want you. Like we are incompetent. These are books that basically let a guy get off the hook if they dump you without reason, we are told to just move on, it happened, get over it. dont call him. dont talk to him. you dont want him to think you are needy and crazy.. dont eat too much or else you wont look like what a guy wants you to look like. If a guy you like is too self involved to notice you, were supposed to move on.. forget about him.. we are not told to make it a point for him to notice us because that makes us, again, crazy or obsessive. All these books make tell us that that guys are guys and its accpetable, and that we need to cater to what they want and dont want. Lets make it easy for them.

But where is the book for men? The how to be a descent human being, how not to be such a dick head, or something like there is your dream girl, stop looking at yourself long enought to see her. Where is the book calling all the men out. They are genetically wired to be ass holes and so we just have accept that as a malfunction in their dna?? screw that.

Guys need some sort of how to manual. They need a guide telling them what not to do to girls. They say girls are all crazy. And 98% of the time that is true. But i think "crazy" is like a gland that has to be stimulated in us for it to be activated (there are acceptions, some girls are just nutzo). Guys do some of the meanest, dirtiest, selfish things to girls, and then turn around and blame it on us being "crazy" or "needy"

There needs to be a book called "she just cares about you" that gives guys a clue into our world. instead of saying "if he doesnt call you after the first date, hes not that into you" there needs to be a book that describes womens actions. "if she cleans your apartment for you, dont freak out, she isnt hinting for you to marry you, she just cares about you" (example)

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