Friday, February 6, 2009

Lynders Inc.

My best friend and I have this thing where when we are together, the strangest things happen to us. Like a random guy asking if he can strip for us, or a big black man trying to beat lynsey up at a hot dog stand, or getting caught in the revolving door at the Georgian Terrace.

My point is, we have this friendship what is totally entertaining. We crack each other up, not to metion the innocent bystanders and over hear us.

We decided that someone must want to take an interest in our personalities.

Together we would kick Regis & Kelly's ass. I mean if a single mom can request a talk show host and exploit her 14 children to gain money and fame. Why cant we want to have our own talk show?

I am going to best buy and buying a cheap camcorder and we are going to record the events we share. The first up is Ben Folds concert, and then oysterfest, and then we have the DMB concert we are going to. We are scalping tickets for that, so that should be entertaining in itself.

We are going to call this expedition 'Lynders Inc' which is lynsey and amanda together. duh.

We are going to post our videos on and ask people to rank them as to how entertaining we are, and go from there.

If nothing else, we still think that we are 15 years old. And this will entertain the hell out of us. if no one else.

I will be posting links to the videos as soon as we get it started.

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