Tuesday, February 10, 2009

by the time i recognize this moment. this moment will be gone.

from day one people come into your life and, shortly after, people leave you.

A good example of this would be my dad. He came into my life (well my mom's life) had me, hung out for a little while, then when we left. He just let us. Ive lived a majority of my life without him in it.

I think back on all my childhood friends and how we were all so close up through high school, but as soon as the day came to graduate. We dispursed. Like roaches when the light comes on. It saddens me to think about all the people that helped shaped me into who i am and how they are so far out of my life. They are not seen daily. They are not even thought about daily. We cling to dramatic hugs and short games of playing catch up, because that is all we have anymore.

There are the people you had fights with and stop speaking, i now wonder what the fight was even about. There are the break ups that end communication. I hate to think that someone I once loved is now out in the world carrying on without me. Wasnt there a time when you couldn't imagine your life without me?

And every now and then we are unfortunate enough to witness the death of someone we love. Its the worst way to be left because you werent left voluntarily. Choice wasnt a factor.

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Arika said...

Don't you feel like every time you see your old friends from high school you spend the whole time playing catch up? It's really too bad and then it just becomes monotonous and boring like playing a quick round of 20 questions each time then parting again.