Friday, February 6, 2009

the best part of thursdays..

Grey's Anatomy was a little bit of a disappointment last night, not going to lie. I thought they were going to combine private practice and grey's and make it this big colaboration. Like an Elton John-Eminem hoop-la.

There is another "special" cross over with the two next week and it better be good!

Over all Grey's was a good episode. I enjoyed it, but Shonda Rhimes (writer) what are you doing? Let me speak for most when I say, we DO NOT want meredith thinking that McDreamy is cheating on her again. She has clearly had enough shit go bad within the last five seasons (which is probably why i can relate to her so well) . I LOVED the fact that he is proposing. love it. its about damn time. and i love that she is ready and wants his babies. But im glad he didnt propose with all the roses, that isnt for her. And I hope that he remembers what the prego patient said when she said that her husband proposed in a super market because that is where he "saw" her for the first time. That is where he truely fell in love. That is romance in a nut shell. That couldnt be more perfect, and i hope that happens for meredith and derek. I hope there is a moment, a random, out of the blue, moment where derek just knows its the right time.

But please please please dont let this turn into she thinks he is cheating on her because she found a rose petal under the pillow. And I will really be pissed if she thinks he is cheating on her with addison. Oh, and what is this on the previews that addison and derek share some sort of kiss. It better be a thank you for saving my brothers life kiss and not a i want to jump on you because you are looking hott kiss. Because I will boycott!!! And i hope even more than that, that meredith doesnt walk in on this little kissy scene. I will have to write in my complaints.

Supposedly there is one more season left. Maybe there is more. However, if this is in fact the case. I think it should go something like this.

mer and der get engaged. mer and der plan the wedding (yes, there can be some bumps and bruises for them) but in the end i want the finale to be there wedding and them ACTUALLY saying 'i do' .. something that christina never got to do.

izzy needs to go ahead and find out she is sick. hides it for a while until she has a dramatic faint during surgery or something. George takes to her rescue and they reunite their friendship. and i cannot stand to see another surgeon croke so.. she will survive in the end.

alex- eh, i dont give a shit about his character and if he is or isnt here. he just gets on my nerves.

christina - im not a huge fan of her and McMilitary but im hpoing it grows on me. she is so hard headed and cold and i do want a romance to bring out the bright and shiny in her so she will stop raining on merediths romance.

i like bailey in peids. i want her see her deny the attnending position for GS and find herself down the path of peidiatrics.

ok im done.

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