Thursday, February 19, 2009

america. come one, seriously??

nothing pisses me off more than seeing stories like this one.
first of all drunk ass, take a cab.. dont go jumping in front of a subway. Second of all, its a freaking LEG for goodness sake. A LEG. Im sorry, but no leg is worth 3 million dollars. I mean hell, maybe i should go to new york and get my arm severed off after a round at happy hour and see how much I can get out of it.
And where were you cops on this one?? I mean you are there when Im not wearing my seatbelt, you are there when i got 8 miles over the speed limit, you are there when i illegally park. But i guess you decided to take a break when this man should have been arrested for public intoxication!!
It just cracks me up that america is in the shit hole right now, cutting THOUSANDS of jobs, government jobs, making HUGE budgets cuts. And yet, we are giving away 3 mil to a drunk ass idiot who was playing in the subway tracks.
New Yorkers, if i were you, i would get my complaining boots on. and I would be pissed. I would not be okay with that bullshit.

And to you Mr. Subway driver, if you are fired over this. Then I am very sorry. You were just doing your job.. driving your sub. I would fight back!

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