Friday, February 13, 2009


I have a problem. I am addicted to shopping. I cant stop. Or control it. It's absolutely my favorite thing in the entire world. Its my therapy. (haha im cher from clueless). Even more specific, I am addicted to online shopping. In the last 45 minutes I bought a new camera (Nikon) and memory to go with it ($25) a camcorder for lynsey and me and our conquests in life and a memory card for it and a wireless internet card for my computer so I can FINALLY use the internet at the house. Then I clicked my way over to and I got a new apple nano i wanted the touch but i think the nano is so much cuter. The shuffle, for the gym i am not yet a member of but will be tomorrow, im joining tomorrow. and an ipod 'sock' to keep it safe in..dont ask.. it was cute. Then I ramdomly found myself at the aveda store online where i thought it was necessary to purchase shampoo and conditioner, hairspray, and a brush.

Not to mention the case of wine I have to get for my party tonight, and the keg (which suprisingly only turns out to be about 100 bucks. But that isnt really shopping, i dont count that. That is just on my to do list today, along with getting my eyebrows under control!

And if i know myself well enough, today was payday, which means i will probably haev to stop in on urban outiftters and see if there is anything ' i have to have' ...

I seriously need some help.

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