Thursday, January 15, 2009

school starts. once again.

School is a never ending process. You start in pre-school at age three, at five you have your first monumental day which we all know as kindergarden, where you learn all your basics, reading, writing, recess, and napping for candy. As for me, I spent four years in elementary school and then headed off to another school containing my fifth and sixth grade years. They called this middle school. Two short years later new trials and pressure arouse as I entered junior high school for my seventh and eigth grade years. Junior high school is a completely different world from the school world I had previously lived in. Boys become appealing, make up and shaving your legs is a must. Acedemics take a back seat to the popularity. First cheerleading tryouts were the most stressful time at that age. (which by the way, I kicked ass on my score). Seventh grade was full of trying to find your place in the net five years. Eighth grade, on the other hand, felt completely different, we ruled the school (so to speak). I felt superior to the up and coming seventh graders. That all changes when you enter high school because you go back to square one, feeling one, the intensity of being new and unfamiliar once again. Cheerleader tryouts were again the most intense part of the first part of high school. Fortunately and unfortunately, being a freshman girl meant lots of attention. The boys loved the new faces and tried in every way to scoop up the vulnerablility we freshman walked with. I think back on all my friends who were taken advantage of and talked about and the boy crazed friends that hopped from one senior to the next, and I am thankful for my innocence. I never once caved, or even had a desire to cave to the pressures of high school. I was one of the populars anyways. I hung out with all the right people and went to all the right parties. And somehow never had to prove anything, I was very close to most of the older populars in school, I was like the little sister to most of the guys and to most of the girls. I took full advantage of that role. It suited me. ( this is the part where I would like to thank my mom and grandma for this full fledged personality that I was blessed with, which sounds so vein, but everyone gets to be egotistical in a way, this is mine.. and it saved me from having to use other things to compensate to get people to like me, and for that.. Im thankful) . . anyways.. I dabbled in all the pleasures of high school my freshman year (with exception to anything sexual, I was a prude I guess you could say) but I tried all the others, drinking, smoking, etc. I will admit I thought it was cooler than acutal enjoyment.
Tenth and eleventh grade years. I was super involved in church, I went to parties still but I rarely drank, and if i did, it was A drink. I was introduced to Solid Rock my seventh grade year, adn fell in love with all the people in the youth there, which, to this day, I remain best friends with the girls I met there (2 inparticular) ... but my senior year is a different story. I was very involved in school, I played tennis, i was in drama club, and I attended all the social events, was in many after school clubs. Church had screwed with my head, I fell into some bad seeds from church and I was turned off at the thought of hypocrits, so I indulged myself in my senior year. I attended every dance, every football game. I found my first love. I graduated with honors. I then moved to California shortly after graduation. I then discovered that i wasnt finished with my life back home, so I returned a short 7 months later. bla bla bla. Started school at CSU, which didnt work out so well because I was dealing with things that I was not ready to deal with, I had distractions and I couldnt focus, so I quit.. took a semester off which turned into two semesters which in turn made its way to three semesters and then four.
Here I am, back in school, second semester in. One more to go until I get into the program I want. (which is nursing).
I talked with my advisor at GA State and she let me in on a little secret. She said that some of the credits that I had would not transfer over to state. Curriculum for the nursing program had been adjusted and that some of the courses I had previously taken would not be accepted because they now had to be taken at GA State, and were not allowed to be taken else where. Which put me back another year, so instead of going into the nursing program this fall, I would have to wait and go into the program next fall. Frustrated I was like what other options is there for me? She claimed that if I tansferred to GPC (which by the way, dont tell anyone because encouraging someone to tranfer is not acceptable to that school lol) anways, she said that if I transfer to GPC and go into their program (which is a two year program and I would graduate with my LPN license) then I could go into their program in the spring and then graduate the next fall. (which is when I would be getting in GA STATES program) then I could do a bridge program and be able to work as a nurse while Im finishing the bridge over into a RN degree, and I wouldnt have to retake those other classes because they are accepted at GPC. So I took this advice, researched it, sat on it, thought about it, and finally came to the conclusion that this was the best option for me, so I started GPC, and I love it, its smaller, there are no homeless men asking for money every time I walk outside, its closer to work. There is nothing negative about it. I made a great choice!!
When I think about all the time I invested in school, It boggles my mind. I have spent my entire life revolved around school one way or another, and now im still chugging along on the school path and when I graduate, I want to go right back into school for my master's!! By that time I will be 28, and I wouldnt have known any other way of life other than school (well and work) ... its exhausting, but oddly enough I love it. I am getting into more science now, so its getting more enjoyable. I am disecting a cat this semester, which btw, is my third cat in my lifetime.. but still, it doesnt get old. Organs are the coolest thing ever (haha, that sounds like a blonde sentence).

random TMI: favorite years in school thus far:

1. third grade Mrs. Garner (all my bff's were in my class and my teacher was amazing!)

2. fifth grade (I was a library aide, which sounds nerdy but it was awesome, people lined up to get to be able to have this opportunity and my friend cassie and I got it)

3. seventh grade ( we starting changing periods and there were seven of them, but there was one teacher in particular that made school so fun, I couldnt wait for her class, it was Ms. Fuller and it was history, she was the funniest person alive, that is when I discovered how I loved comedy and wanted to be funny as well.. also I made cheerleader, and i loved loved loved Coach Rollison who was the cheer coach. i could go one, but this was hands down my favorite year ever)

4. ninth grade ( i loved everything about being in high school my first year, I felt so grown up)

5. senior year (for obvious reasons)

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