Thursday, January 22, 2009

polka dots & pin stripes

today is a new day. today is a good day, no, today is a great day.

my life has had its share of troubles, but no more.

im done.

distance became my clarity. clarity became my saviour.

it always happens that way.

there are times when life becomes harder than black and white.

grey fills your head. and for a while its fuzzy.

everytime you make a bad decision. fuzzy.

everytime you fall in love. fuzzy.

everytime you life knocks you on your ass. fuzzy.

but life doesnt wait for you to get up and dust yourself off.

but soon there will be distinction. soon there will be peace again.

it comes in waves. and leaves in pieces.

and to this i say, hang in there. clarity always catches a ride on fate. whatever is meant to be in your life will be. fate waits for you to make the big mistakes so it can swoop down and redirect you. its as certain as the sun rise.

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