Monday, December 29, 2008

one more day.

Packing time. jackets: check, snow boots: check, cameras: check, kimberly: check, mind set for a totally awesome time: check. I AM READY!

Start point- Atlanta, GA
End point - Seattle, WA
Stops along the way - St. Louis, Chicago, Portland, etc. ( not really sure to be honest) but there are a ton.

I am very excited to go on this adventure with Kimberly, she is one of the funnest people to travel with!

So, remember a few posts back, I was speaking of how I was dumped (tear drop).
Well, I decided that I didnt want to let him out of my life completely because he is a fun, genuine, adorable person to be around. I have such a great time when Im with him. And it is too bad that it was limited but, he and I are goign to have lunch tomorrow. As friends. I decided that I would rather hang out as friends than not at all. However, I have seen soooo many people try to go backwards and do this same thing, and they have failed miserably, and I have been warned that this is not a good idea, bla bla bla. However, I have in my mind that because we werent together that long, and we didnt end with hard feelings, that it could totally work.
I think it might be too soon, considering that fact that just because he turned his nose up at my feelings doesnt mean they go away, they are still there, I liked him a lot, and that hasnt changed. But I can and have set feelings aside and tuck them neatly away before for the sake of a friendship. So I am a little bit nervous, the butterflies are in full swing.
It will be interesting to see how it goes.
And for those of you who are doubters and think that I will just get my feelings hurt. I have thought this through. There is a line between friends and not friends and if im going to do this, it has to be treated as strictly friends, no flirty touchy feely, no kissing and hooking up, just friends!
And Im a fim believer in whatever happens, is going to happen. That is just how life works, I mean I believe that if i hid in my basement my whole life, that somehow the person im supposed to be with will find me. Somehow there will be a massive tornado and i would have to be rescued by him or something (that was alittle off the wall, but you get where im going with this).
My point is, im going back in steps, but there is nothing in my life that i have ever done traditionally. So, why should this be any different, and even in the worse case scenario and it goes terribly, Im packed! Im ready! im going on a road trip with one of my besties! So, life is good!

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