Wednesday, November 19, 2008


You are falling.
Falling down on me.
Close my eyes, take you in.
You race as fast as you can.
Thousands of you at a time.
All wanting to be the first to kiss the earth.
Open my arms, I want to hug the world.
Open my mouth, I want to taste this life.
Listen, I want to hear God's song.
I want to dance to the harmony of his creations.
Breathe in, the aroma of simply existing.
This ritual calms my soul.
Spin in circles, round and round.
Maybe if I twirl long enough,
I can shake away my troubles.
Dreary Grey has become my god.
My sodden vessel has become my serenity.
Without you,
my world would have no blush.
Without you,
where would I find peace?
Please don't depart from me.
not just yet.
I fear the abandonment will be too much to bear.
The simplicity of what you are,
has saved who I am.

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