Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Last Night of My Addiction.

Head in my hands, Hands on my knees.
As your fingertips found their way to mine,
they demanded I understand their authority and geniality.
Unspoken gestures were all you gave,
you were never really good with words.
You were never really good for me at all.

On that final night, I frantically awaited.
For what?
I'll never be certain. I just needed something.
I needed you to fix, what you had broken.
And in this moment,
you sympathetically wiped the tears from my cheek.
Using only your thumb.
And just for a brief moment, a calm sense of serenity
hugged my spirit.
Was this it?
For four years now,
you were going to speak the words.
Words i had an infinite hunger for.

As your eyes searched to find mine,
I found myself emerged into a poised look you were giving.
One that recommended you wanted to save me.
Because on that night, I was broken.
I required saving.
I impatiently waited.
A quiver of anticipation in my heart.
My ears stood at attention.
Was this it?
I was going to be set free from these chains that bound me.

But Feat was never known.
Now so apparent.
Now so ever comprehensible.
I seeked liberation from the very thing that held me captive.

- December 23, 2007

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